November 13, 2022

LinkProofer - a CLI application for proofing your project's links

LinkProofer is a CLI application for proofing links in your project. Store your links in js or ts files, and verify the links with the LinkProofer CLI script.


Why did I make this?

I have loved the "Jamstack" movement, where static site generators (like Hugo, Jekyll, Gatsby, etc) pre-generated your HTML for you, and your pages were served from a CDN. Validating links before pull-requests were merged was easy, because all your checks could run against this pre-generated HTML

Lately though, more of the modern web if shifting back to server-side rendering, and it's becoming harder to do these checks BEFORE pull-requests are merged. It's also hard to do these types of checks on sites that are lazy loading HTML, or are serving links behind auth-walls.

With LinkProofer, you can store your links in js or ts files, configure the CLI, and have your site's links validated locally, or in CI.

✨ Features

  • Out-of-the-box Typescript support.
  • Customizable entry (Provide your own filepath glob, or store links in *.linkproof.<js | ts> files).
  • Support for absolute or relative links.
  • Run LinkProofer checks locally, or in CI.
  • Lightweight! (~50 kB).

You can learn more about the project by checking out the GitHub repository