February 16, 2020

Welcome to johalloran.dev!

Hey there! I'm James O'Halloran, a software developer from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I've been in the industry for over ten years now, and I've got a knack for starting up personal projects; Some of which I abandon after a few days, and some of which I dedicate grueling years slaving over. I wanted to make a home-base for all these projects to live (even if it's in the form of a cautionary blog-post stating why they were never finished 🙂).

For some background on myself, over the past fews years I've been working at Forestry.io, making tools to bridge the gap between developing fast/well-engineered websites and making content-creation accessible to non-developers.

...Before that I was working for myself as a solo dev on my videogame Miner Meltdown (and having since sold the IP).

...And before that, I was working at a failed tech startup which you probably haven't heard of.

There's been a big ol' pile of lessons inbetween all these endeavors, and I'm looking forward to sharing more thoughts & lessons-learned moving forward!

- James